So this month I got to feature Trendco’s brochure featuring ‘me’.

The shoot took place in the summer at a basement studio in Brighton and I was lucky enough to work with the lovely photographer Zara Clark and make up with Emma Pargeter.  We laughed from beginning to end as my look changed from Whitney through the decades to Leona Lewis.  I developed a persona for each and every wig it was such a laugh!!!

I was truly amazed how much the change of hairstyle can alter your whole look not to mention age!  I aged at least 10 years with the short hair which In fact I really liked but I’ll be saving those looks for my later years (wink).   I definitely felt most like myself in the real hair wig and the price of it reflected that.

My opinion of wigs has changed dramatically – I now realise they can look realistic, natural and give you an entirely different look and persona in seconds.  There are lots of women who are turning to wigs not through choice but because they have to, due to thinning hair, hair loss or cancer treatments.   Company’s like a Trendco who are providing these wigs are really doing a fabulous job giving so much choice and enabling women to find a wig that they really feel comfortable in.

So to sum it up, wigs ‘why not?’