New year, New beginnings

2018 January


New year, new beginnings! This year has started with a bang!  My feet have hardly touched the ground, which I’m massively grateful for as this year’s main resolution is to try and earn a s***  load of money! Having 4 children pretty young, as you can imagine brings financial strain (especially when you like nice things!), what with dance and drama classes, gymnastics, football, instrument lessons, holidays ,clothes………….. you get the picture. Bob has worked so hard building his business whilst I was the home-maker, looking after our 4 young kids, cooking, cleaning, washing and a thousand things more but as all us mummies know, it’s UNPAID …ha…ha. On a serious note, (Bob’s not getting any younger!) I’m ready to get out there and start earning and try and take some of the financial strain on. My children are at an age where I now feel I’ve given them the tools to flourish and I think I can allow my apron strings to loosen (just a little), leaving me the space to pursue my own career-destiny, something I believe is incredibly healthy for the children to see.

In a nutshell, no one choice is the right choice – young mum v older mum, working mum v stay-at-home mum, be a mum v don’t. What’s important for us women is CHOICE. This year marks 100 years since women won the right to vote which just highlights to me, now more than ever, ‘I can, I will’.



Argos – Jewellery shoot

Frankie and Bennies – in House training Video

Tesco – Hand modelling

QVC – laura Gälla and Packshots

Wellington Hospital – booklets

Not a bad start…… I’ll add images as I get hold of them.



These are just a few of the pictures from a shoot I did for FIIT in December 2017

Stock image taken by the fabulous photographer Ian Hooton, LOVE!!

Mid adult woman holding sunflower.



I’m currently writing this on the train back from Stroud in Gloucestershire where I’ve been to visit the amazing Giffords Circus. My first cousin Nell established Giffords in 2000 – her father and my mother are siblings. Nell had a dream as a child to have her own circus and boy has she created it! The circus is just magical with handmade costumes, rows of hand-painted wagons and fields full of magnificent horses. They have the most amazing talents from Russian jugglers to acrobats from Cuba. I’ve been to see the circus perform with my family for the past 3 years and we all loved it.

I am excited to announce I’m going to be presenting some coverage for them at numerous events on the build-up to their opening show on 4th May 2018. To start I’ll be with them at the pop-up event at the V&A on 13th Feb 2018, chatting with the acts and generally getting a feel for what we might expect from this year’s ‘My Beautiful Circus’.  .

V&A coverage



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